Search Engine Optimization

what is seo and why should you care

Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO is the process of optimization a website to rank high in the search engines (ie Google, Bing and Yahoo) for a given keyword. There are many factors that contribute to optimizing a web property to make it appear in the searches, the two most important ones are On Page and Off Page factors. Owning a website for your business is just not enough nowadays, if you don’t tweak it for the search engines nobody is going to find you, no traffic means no money. 

More and more people do searches on Google before visiting a business. If you’re a local veterinarian in your city, potential customer will search for “veterinarian city” if you are not on page 1 your chances of getting the business are pretty much nil. Also if you a person is near your business and does a search for “veterinarian near me” if you’re not optimized you are not getting the business either and just lost on a potential sale. This is all free traffic from search engines that’s there for the taking. 

our process

Keyword research

Keyrowrd research is very important. We brainstorm with your team to find the best commercial keywords for your business.

competition analysis

We take a look at what your competitors and the industry are doing and we do it better.

onpage optimization

To help search engine better understand your page, certain things like page titles, h1,h2, keywords have to be place on that page at specific places.

offpage optimization

Once your page is optimized we have to links to add trust and strengths to your page. We only use trusted sources to link to you page.

monitoring & analytics

We monitor our progress and adjust according to the analytics of your website. Analytics are very important since it tells us who is visiting your site and what are those visitors doing on your website

reporting & evaluation

Transparency is key in our business. We report to you what we've been doing and if what we are doing is actually working. Then we evaluate and adjust depending on the results.

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